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Chintan Rudani

About Artist

Chintan Rudani is one of the best tattoo artists in Mumbai and very well known for his creative art.

With no art background or degree, but with his relentess efforts and persistence he acquired his skills.

He used to watch ‘LA ink’ and ‘Miami ink’ on TLC back in 2007 when he just completed his 10th grade and was really amazed by the tattoo artist skills but still he never thought of becoming one of those.

Then he went on to complete his B.E. in computers. Upon completion of bacholers degree, he started looking for a job which he got after 10 months. During those months he started drawing out of boredom and noticed improvement in each of his drawing.

Then he came across a sketch artist called ‘J D Hillberry’ and loved his photo realistic sketches. He downloaded his ebook and devour it. His sketches started taking big leaps.

On one ocassion his cousin suggested to become a tattoo artist. From then on he got determined to become the best artist. Now he is well known in the tattoo industry for his work.

He believes through patience, persistence and determination every human can achieve what they want.

He is continously learning and sharpening his skills. He likes reading books, exercising and meditating which keeps him active and productive.

He has acquired skills to train his student to become the best artist.

Some Of His Work's

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